How to Recognize Black Mold - Get Affordable Mold Repair Contractors

Do you sneeze and cough more at home than anywhere else? This could be a red flag for a mold infestation in your house. Telltale symptoms of mold allergies are often confused for a cold or flu, with side effects like frequent sneezing, red eyes and runny nose. The famous toxic strain called black mold, is an especially potent variety of mildew that survives in warm, damp conditions like crawlspaces. A lot of folks find obvious signs of mold around their house but ignored it, believing it's dirt or soot. Black mold will show up as a polka dot pattern. These colonies often appear slick with a grayish green hue. Hire an affordable mold repair company. Get an affordable quote today! Black mold just needs a small amount of water to thrive and reproduce, so if your house has a history of flooding, old plumbing and condensation, it could make an ideal environment for this strain. Check for warped surfaces from water or spots on the walls, floors or ceilings of your home as an indicator of mold. If your house has a stale, mildew smell, it could be pointing to secret mold. Find out today with a quote for affordable mold damage repair from our company! If you think there is your home has black mold, it's important to call mold damage restoration professionals. Years of contact can lead to conditions such as:
  • Fever
  • Irritation of the mucous membranes of the mouth
  • Chronic coughing
  • Vomiting

How to Keep Mold out of Your Home

Mold can come into your house a number of places like on clothes you and your family wear. Mold spores are typically everywhere, inside and out, but you can take precautions to keep it from setting up shop in your home. If you believe there is black mold in your house, don't hesitate. Get a quote for affordable mold damage repair from our qualified contractors! Prevent mold from entering your house by taking some of these measures:
  • Immediately take care of any water damage you discover
  • Avoid high levels of moisture in your house, keeping it below 50%
  • Activate your air conditioner during humid months
  • Check ventilation and exhaust fans in your kitchen or bathroom
  • Clean kitchens with anti-fungal products
  • Do not carpet bathrooms
  • Take out and replace flooded carpets
  • Get an afforable quote from a mold damage repair contractor

Paul Davis of Pointe-Claire, ON Performs Black Mold Remediation

Our technicians at Paul Davis are qualified to make sure that problematic particles and mold growths are removed quickly, safely and completely. Our team provides quality mold repair services for homes and businesses unlike any other in the area. Call us today for a quote on affordable mold damage remediation. The Paul Davis team offers emergency mold restoration services all day, every day to make it to your home within hours of you contacting us. We're trained to use advanced equipment that removes and cleans the region the mold touched. We send our discreet contents cleaners and containment, as well as deep cleaning and odor treatment after we respond to your home. Paul Davis works hard to assist your home and family after mold treatment, so we also provide assistance with the insurance process. If you believe your house is hiding mold or has been damaged by mold, contact the mold restoration specialists at Paul Davis Restoration. Call Paul for an affordable quote today!